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Building A Surgery Center

So Why Not Build Your Own Ambulatory Center?

Although it may not take a genius to plan for an ambulatory surgery center, it does; however, require a lot of dedication. You see you're not building a nursery home or an elementary school where safety is not the utmost priority. No, when building a surgery center all safety plans have to be considered, premeditated and studied from start to finish, because human lives are being handled here everyday. Most of which are already in some kind of peril before they were even admitted there, First thing is that you need to consider the costs.

Considering the Budget

Unfortunately, your plans can only go as far as your budget will allow, and if you have $1 million, therefore you can only spend within that amount. Now, according to experts in civil engineering, constructing a building will probably cost between $160 to $300 per square foot (give or take). Also the cost of running an ambulatory surgical center (ASC) would cost around $35 - $45 for every square foot annually. Let's say you intend to build a surgery center with a 2,000 square foot floor surface, then your expenditures would approximately total $320,000 to $600,000 for infrastructure alone. Now, if you add operating costs to this then you're looking at $70,000 to $90,000 a year. So you may want to cut your floor space, because a few hundred square feet of it, could save you hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Build from Scratch or Just Buy an Existing Surgical Structure

Another tricky part in the decision-making on building a surgery center is choosing whether to build an entirely new ASC facility or just purchase an old one. Obviously the advantage with having a new facility, is that everything is brand new with no defective or malfunctioning devices, as well as new building parts. On the other hand, when you attempt to build a surgery center, you'll have to subject your facility to many tests in order for it to get clearance to operate and you not getting into any trouble with the laws. If you choose to buy an existing ambulatory center you will find that most of the necessary work has already been done, and a few calibrations (if any) are needed to be done as well. In the end, your decision will still be based on your budget constraints and your 100% adherence to federal regulations about building a surgery center.


When one considers to build a surgery center you must adhere to the federal, state and local regulations. The Code of Federal Regulations for ambulatory surgical services has detailed requirements particularly in Title 42, Volume II, Chapter IV, and Part 416. Next are state regulations, and for this, you will have to inquire with your local state government in order to get assistance on safety standards for an ASC facility. Finally to close the circle you must also seek out the advice of your local government--and even though they sometimes don't have any specific codes for creating an ambulatory center, at least you showed them the proper courtesy by not bypassing them.

Surgical Equipment Needed

It is by design that this topic is last in this article. This is because most people make the serious mistake of not including their equipment's cost in their initial budgeting process. Many people will wait until all of their money is spent, before they tackle the issue of equipment purchases.

This poor planning raises two issues.  The first, is being forced into buying cheap equipment.  The second is the rule that; Bad things happen to people who rush into purchasing decisions or purchasing something because they spent most of their money. Usually, people who wait until the money is gone before they buy equipment, end up buying equipment twice. The first time is the cheap junk they buy in the beginning.  The second time they purchase equipment is to replace the junk they bought the first time after it breaks during the first couple of years or gets flunked during accreditation inspection.

Identifying a reputable equipment vendor and preparing a comprehensive list of needed equipment is as important as finding a good architect and building contractor. Knowing the cost of the equipment is right behind finding a good vendor.

Buckeye Medical provides a special section on it's web site that shows what equipment is required and how much it costs for building a surgery center.

Recommended Equipment list for 1 Operating Room and 2 Recovery Stations. This list will meet AAA and AAAA certification standards. Medicare has some additional requirements.



Surgery Center Equipment
Surgery Center Equipment
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This list is designed most certification requirements. AAA and AAAA. Medicare has some additional requirements you need to discuss with your consultant.

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